Do new skin treatments work? We put them to the test

The OK! lifestyle team put some of the newest procedures to the test. Here's what they thought.

By OK! team
Let's face it, we've all tossed up whether to get a skin treatment in some shape or form.
Whether it's simply a cleansing facial or something a little heftier like a face peel, there are plenty of ways we can show our faces some TLC.
But these days, 'plenty' is the operative word, with a number of new procedures cropping up that has us raising our soon-to-be threaded brows and collectively asking the question: Do they really work?
Procedures like dermapen meso needling are popular in today's beauty conscious society.
From 3D brows, to skin needling and even chin reshaping, there's no denying the modern beauty world is trying to find an answer to everything.
Lucky for us, we had some keen testers in the house who decided to see what all the fuss was about for themselves.
Keep scrolling to see the OK! Lifestyle team try out some of the weird and wonderful procedures, and hear their thoughts!

1. The brow changer - 3D henna brows

Fashion editor Janine gets her brows reshaped.
Who: Janine Donovan, fashion editor
Price: $90 (Henna and shaping)
Where: Esstudio Galleria, Sydney, esstudio.com.au
Janine's thoughts: I've always thought my brows were thick and defined enough – until I tried this treatment. Now I'm hooked!
I was a bit wary of something as permanent as eyebrow tattooing, but this is such a low-commitment alternative and suits those who want structure and definition, or to fill over-plucked brows.
Although they were quite dark at first, they faded so beautifully over the next two days and they lasted five whole weeks!
See Janine's before and after below:
Janine before the procedure.
Janine after the procedure.

2. The non-surgical face lift - ULFIT Hollywood

Beauty editor Elise Wilson gets a face-lift treatment.
Who: Elise Wilson, beauty editor
Price: $990
Where: Body Catalyst, Sydney, bodycatalyst.com.au
Elise's thoughts: If, like me, you want to radically slow down ageing on the face and neck, try this! The technology is medical grade and uses micro-focused ultrasound to target the muscles below the skin to rejuvenate collagen.
I had the 'Hollywood' version, which is targeted at my age (30). My fine lines were reduced, with results just getting better over the next few months! Plus, there was literally no pain or downtime.
See Elise's before and after below:
Elise before the procedure.
Elise after the procedure.

3. The chin re-shaper - SculpSure Submental treatment

Lifestyle writer Gabrielle underwent a chin reshaping treatment.
Who: Gabriella Del Grande, lifestyle writer
Price: From $750 per session
Where: Sculpsure, Sydney, sculpsure.com.au
Gab's thoughts: A plate fitted with lasers was placed under my chin for 25 minutes, and works by raising the temperature of body fat to destroy fat cells.
After the minimum two sessions, six weeks apart, my 'webbed chin' (as I call it) had hugely reduced. When it's on it feels like a pinching feeling – but totally bearable with results seen in as little as six weeks.
If you've got the funds, I'd definitely recommend giving it a go! It really works.
See Gab's before and after below:
Gab's before the treatment.
Gab's after the treatment.

4. The skin smoother - dermapen meso needling

Fashion editor Lattitia undergoes dermapen meso needling.
Who: Lattitia Taylor, fashion editor
Price: $219
Where: Clear Skincare Clinic, Sydney, clearskincareclinics.com.au
Lattitia's thoughts: This treatment uses microscopic needles to cause tiny micro-punctures, stimulating collagen and elastin to plump the skin.
It sounds scary but was virtually painless. I did have some redness and puffiness afterwards (especially the next morning) but that subsided with slight peeling for four days after. I'd recommend this before a special event – but allow for some downtime.
Lattitia recommends the procedure for a special event.
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