IN PICTURES: From a fresh-faced beauty queen to a glowing mumma, take a look back at Jennifer Hawkins' beauty transformation

Her approach to beauty is surprisingly relatable!

By Faye Couros
She's an eternally sun-kissed stunner with flowing blonde hair and an intoxicating smile.
Her look has inspired the Aussie beach babe aesthetic since she won the Miss Universe competition back in 2004 and skyrocketed herself into a household name.
After rocking that coveted crown, she has become an ambassador for brands like Colgate and Mount Franklin, she's graced countless magazine covers, hosted Australia's Next Top Model, and was famously the face of the department store Myer for 12 years.
In 2013 she married the love of her life, Jake Wall, and in 2019, they welcomed their first child, a daughter called Frankie Violet. In July, the model announced she's expecting her second child - a baby boy, due later this year.
The 37-year-old is often praised for her ageless appearance, with many fans wondering what Jen's secret is.
In an interview with The Australian Women's Weekly in 2015, the model denied having any work done, and she clarified that while it isn't her thing, she doesn't judge other women for making the decision.
"When someone says 'under the knife' I don't have a reaction. Everyone in the industry gets that. That's fine. I'm cool with that," she told The Weekly at the time.
"I'm cool with people having an opinion, but as I said, I am happy with who I am as a person and really just want to live my life. I can't live my life around what other people say. They just don't get me, that's how I take it."
In other interviews about beauty, the presenter has described her approach as natural and relatively minimal, considering the treatments available to her.
While she was pregnant in 2019, she told Elle Magazine that she prefers natural makeup and finds beauty from within.
"Gwyneth [Paltrow]! Understated, natural makeup. That's how I like my beauty look in daily life."
"Feeling content and happy in life shows on your face… I feel that removing negativity from your life (thoughts or people), laughing a lot, and eating great food with loved ones is the best recipe for that," she told the publication.
In 2013, she reiterated this sentiment to Vogue Australia but she focused on hydration and keeping herself nourished for impeccable skin.
"I'm all about hydration, full stop," she explained.
"As far as skincare goes – lots of moisturiser for your face, eye cream, lip balm and sun protection. Lots of water, and I often drink it with liquid Chlorophyll – it's so good for your skin. It's basically just about all those things that help out underneath the skin, to nourish it from within."
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