Beauty products you’ll always find backstage in movies and TV shows

The best part is, you can buy them at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

By BTYB Hask
It takes a village to create the beauty looks we end up seeing in our favourite movies and TV shows - for example, the amount of work that went into Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel" haircut on every early episode of Friends.
With so much pressure and so little time to get things right, hair and makeup artists usually have a handful of trustworthy products on rotation, selected after years of work in the business.
If you're after stylists' choice products for your own beauty routine that are both affordable (and occasionally even nature-based), keep scrolling.


Constantly changing up hairstyles would be hard for anyone's roots to handle - especially for actors, many of whom are forced to drastically change their hair every day. All of this action would eventually take its toll on your follicles, so a dependable, refreshing shampoo is vital.
Cheryl Marks, Anna Kendrick's personal hairstylist on the two latest Pitch Perfect films, entrusts HASK's products for her clients' haircare, which culminated in Kendrick's perfectly-textured locks. In her words: "As Anna Kendrick's personal hairstylist, I prep her hair with HASK's Rose Oil & Peach Colour Protection Shampoo ($14.99, Priceline). The sulfate-free formula keeps strands super moisturised and vibrant."

Brush cleansers

Though actors' makeup usually looks effortless on screen, they're usually rushed through the process of getting glammed up—and with many different actors to work their magic on, makeup artists may have to use the same brushes on various different actors.
For many, this would set off personal hygiene alarm bells (especially in a time where cleanliness is valued over everything), but thankfully, brush cleansing pads ($15, Mecca Cosmetica) are here to save the day.

Spray conditioner

Tight schedules and deadlines means there's rarely time for stars to shampoo on set, let alone let conditioner sit in their hair before filming. Ideally, a product that moisturises and nourishes hair on the go is a must-have for celebrities on set—just as it would be for us regular folk.
Few actresses have incited more hair envy over the years than Jennifer Aniston, and Linda Flowers, the hairstylist from their hit series Morning Wars, entrusts one specific, nature-based product for the cast's hair.
"I prep all my hairstyles with HASK Argan 5-in-1 Leave-in Spray ($14.99, Priceline) to strengthen strands, improve shine and add softness!"

Shine oil

If overall brightness for your hair is a concern, why not entrust a nature-based product valued by industry professionals (and actors themselves)?
Working closely with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCartney, hairstylist Linda Flowers relies on HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Oil to help her create beautiful looks and says stars also love the product. "I use HASK on Melissa McCarthy and she loves it, in particular the Nourishing Hair Oil," she says.
In addition, one of its key ingredients is Monoi Oil, a nourishing gardenia/coconut oil combination with origins in French Polynesia.

Teeth whitening strips

We're all accustomed to seeing disarmingly bright smiles in films and on television, and though many stars have had their teeth professionally whitened, it can take a little more than that to perfect an on-screen gleam.
Though whitening strips aren't a substitute for proper dental care, they're an effective short-term solution, and great to have in your back pocket for any last-minute presentations or important social obligations. ($37.50, Oral B at Chemist Warehouse)
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