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Michelle Bridges throws her support behind Commando Steve Willis after his Survivor elimination

The definition of a Champion.

By Alex Lilly
Commando Steve Willis may not be this year's Survivor Australia winner, but he has one devoted fan who's been supporting him since day one: partner, Michelle Bridges.
Following his elimination from the show last night, fitness guru Michelle shared a photo of Steve at his final tribal council, captioning it, "Respect my darling @commandosteve played with integrity and rock solid to the end, the definition of a Champion. "You do not win Survivor...you are awarded it" that was GOLD. 🙏🏼❤️😍 #rocksolid #champion #stayedtrue 💋"
Rock solid to the end: Michelle Bridges is Steve's biggest fan.
Back when it was first revealed that Steve would be appearing on the show, the former Commando said that Michelle has always been a pillar of support and strength.
"She was like, 'If you commit to this, just do your best babe, be yourself, be true to you and you've got my support, just enjoy the experience,'" he exclusively told The Daily Telegraph.
Michelle was also quick to defend her partner when an Instagram follower suggested that he had an unfair advantage.
"Not really … he does all the work, they laze and unsurvive until the "game" starts … imagine if they all had to fend for themselves?! Build their own camp …?! S**t would go down quick," she replied.
Even when rumours circulated that Michelle had a strict no cuddling rule while he was filming in Fiji, Steve highlighted that Michelle always wanted the focus to be on him.
"I think it's been blown out of proportion a bit. And Michelle feels it's brought the attention onto her when it should probably be about me being on Survivor," he told NW.
Could there be a cuter family than Michelle, Steve and Axel?
Michelle and Steve met while filming The Biggest Loser and in 2016, their adorale little boy, Axel, was born.
The personal trainer admitted to 60 Minutes in 2017 that she sacrificed a lot and assumed for a long time that she would never have children.
"When Axel came into my world, it took me to a whole new place. There's been many a time when I'll just start talking about Axel and just burst into tears," she confessed in her tell-all interview.
It's clear that Michelle is always there to support her boys, watch her exclusive video for The Weekly when she first introduced baby Axel to the world below.

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