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Lisa Wilkinson posted a throwback photo of herself, make us realise she hasn't changed a bit

Incredible then, incredible now.

By Amber Manto
Lisa Wilkinson has posted the throwbacks to beat all throwbacks – and it wasn’t even Flashback Friday.
To highlight the number of quality applications received for the Today Show mentoring program, Lisa posted a baby-faced snap of herself at the tender age of just 19 - the same age of many aspiring journalists who applied.

“Huge congrats to our ten successful applicants for the Today Show mentoring program," Lisa gushed in the caption. "I can't wait to meet and work with you all. And a huge thank you to EVERYONE who applied - unbelievably, we received close to a thousand applications and I would have loved to say yes to you all.”
In true Lisa Wilkinson fashion, she used the opportunity to offer a few inspiring words to those who were not chosen for the program, but who should not be discouraged.
"From reading those applications though, one thing is for sure: this country is full to overflowing with wonderful, creative, eager, and simply brilliant aspiring journalists... and I have no doubt that whatever path you end up taking, any employer would be lucky to have you. Keep going - because right now the world is yours!"
Let's take another look at that photo...
Lisa at 19 and 57 - two years after this photo (left) was taken she would be the editor of the popular teen magazine, Dolly.
She added: "PS. The pic is a little flashback to me at around the same age as some of our successful applicants - 19 and loving every minute of my early days at Dolly... and so happy to simply be making coffee for everyone and choosing the Dolly Doctor letters for publication. A simpler time... #flashback #throwback #throwbacktuesday#tbt"
Lisa started her amazing career as a receptionist at Dolly magazine, before becoming the publication’s youngest-ever editor at just 21. She continued rocketing through the ranks in the publishing world before moving over to TV in the late-1990s. Fast-forward a few decades and Lisa’s still at the top of her game, as a host of the popular weekday breakfast TV show Today.