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Zoë Foster-Blake shares why parents shouldn't be afraid to travel with a newborn

We're not sure every parent would agree, but she's got a point.

By Holly Royce
Just about anyone with a newborn would agree that the idea of travelling with them is daunting at best, beyond terrifying at worst.
There are enough horrors around travelling, (especially flying) as it is, why make it harder on yourself?
It's not something most parents wouldn't do unless they absolutely had to - so it's pretty surprising to hear super Mum-of-two, Zoe Foster Blake saying she loves the experience of travelling with newborn daughter, Rudy Hazel Blake.

The writer and cosmetic guru posted the picture (above) on Instagram today, along with a very inserting view on travelling with a baby.
"Some say traveling with an infant is lunacy, but in my experience it's a YES!", she begins. "And a vital rut breaker."
The caption continues:
"Before we went to NZ/Sydney, I spent all day between my loungeroom and the baby's room, trying to get her to sleep/resettle for 150% of the day, and I rarely left the house, because I'd decided she didn't like the pram or the car, because she cried in them.
"Forgetting that for the first 12 weeks, babies cry ALWAYS, at EVERYTHING, including KISSES.
"Travel changed all that. She had to nap wherever and whenever, get used to the baby carrier, and suck up long trips in the carseat or hikes in the pram.
"She had to go to bed when it was still light outside and her brother was bellowing the words to 'You're Welcome' one metre away. And she DID! As long as I had my boobs, we were fine.
"She was happy and chilled. (Almost certainly cos her mum was more relaxed.) Now we're home, and the pram/car/nap situation doesn't bother me. We just get on with sh*t. (Often literally.) This is why I'm enormously pro-travel"
Story continues after picture.

"It bookmarks your life, (I wouldn't remember her at 10 weeks-old, but now I always will, cos we were in Queenstown when she was 10 weeks-old), and provides inspiration, but it also rewires your perspective on daily life
"Especially when your babies are young, and you need to remember there is a whole world beyond the living room."
"(Added bonus: I'm out of my activewear rut. This is a biggie. Did you know they make DENIM pants now?)
"Note: that's the Cocoonababy she's napping on there. No travel cot required."

We're not sure every parent would agree, Zoe, but it's certainly a positive way to look at things!
The 37-year-old beauty maven is married to comedian, Hamish Blake and is also the mother to adorable son, Sonny.

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