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You could find love if you're travelling in these places

If you're feeling brave enough to say, hello.

By Holly Royce
Well maybe that's not why you're travelling , but finding love is never a bad thing.. right?
Well if you're feeling bold and want to give the fates a bit of a helping hand, dating app Happn has shared a list of international love hubs, AKA locations where the app users have been most successful in finding a match.
Coming up at number one was the Obelisk of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

It may seem strange but think about it: a phallic monument impossible to miss in a well-populated area?
It's a romcom waiting to happen!
Even the Sydney Opera House managed to sneak it's way into the top 10, maybe you don't have to travel so far after all!
Check the rest of the list and get your best pick up lines ready.