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Travel trendsetters take note: introducing the up and coming travel destinations for Australians

Pack your bags, you've got some exploring to do.

By Holly Royce
Are you all about REAL travel ? Then you're going to want to hear about these promising exploration locations.
A lot of people believe there is a difference between travelling and going on a holiday.
A holiday is more like a vacation: lazing about on sunny lounges at a resort by the pool.
But travelling, that's all about is exploring new places, trying new foods, meeting locals and.. well, you get the idea.
In their Better Late Than Never report, has done the hard yards, analysing data from millions of online searches to predict the upcoming popular destinations before the crowds of holidaymakers come rushing in.
According to the research, the Chinese city of Chengdu, whilst only ranking as the 130th most-popular destination for Australian travellers, ranked first amongst the emerging destinations, registering a year-on-year search growth of 133%, followed by Da Nang, Vietnam (+109% year-on-year) and Athens, Greece (+100% year-on-year).

The top 10 emerging destinations for Aussie travellers