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“This is what it's like to fly as a very fat person”

One woman's brutally honest and harrowing explanation of flying when you are obese may change your perspective.

By Holly Royce
"So, I'm on a plane today. Here's what I did to prepare to fly as a very fat person. (Thread)," begins a series of tweets from a twitter account called simply, Your Fat Friend.
Life for someone who is struggling with weight issues is not easy at the best of times.
Flying as an overweight person is a particularly tough and costly situation, also one that is sadly filled with judgement and malice.
In a series of 21 tweets, Your Fat Friend shares everything she had to do before boarding a flight:
The Twitter user who describes herself as "fragile but tough" was quickly hit with a string of questions from people asking why she chose to fly at all if it was all such an emotional and financial struggle.
Responding to these attacks, Your Fat Friend explained that after a bad experience six years ago, she almost never flew again.
"but I fly now because I love my family, who live about a thousand miles away. I don't know what my life would be without my niece & nephew."
"I fly because my life is my own, and others' preconceptions of me & my body won't control it. But they can make it much, much harder."
"There are clear solutions. Airlines: change your policies. Everyone else: treat fat people like people. None of it is complicated."