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6 reasons everyone should go on a cruise at least once in their lifetime

Can’t think of anything worse? Wait 'til you get to number 3.

By BTYB Princess Cruises
Cruises were once the coriander of holidays: polarising to a point of insanity!
Some people took them every year and wouldn't consider travelling any other way, while others swore off the experience entirely...
"They're just for old people, aren't they?" "Imagine being stuck on a boat for weeks with a bunch of people you don't know!" "When I go on holiday, I like to see and do things, not just sit still."
Well, fast-forward to 2017 and cruises are now more popular than ever. Far from being just a bucket list trip for retirees, cruises are proving to be a hit with families, solo travellers and millennials, alike.
Although, that's not to say some don't still have their (unwarranted) reservations, but we think these reasons might convince cruise sceptics otherwise…

1. It’s probably the most stress-free holiday you’ll ever have

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Holidays can take a lot of planning. From making sure you've connected all of your commutes to booking accommodation and figuring out where to eat, planning a holiday requires a lot of time-consuming research.
Thankfully, cruise companies already know the best way to see your chosen destination. You will be able to actually enjoy your holiday, knowing all the organising has been taken care of. Not having to dedicate hours of your time unpacking and repacking, or deciphering confusing transport timetables, will make your holiday even more relaxing than you could've ever imagined.

2. You'll get to see almost as much as you did on your gap year (with no shared dorms!)

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Taking in the sights of a new city is one of the greatest perks of travel. On a cruise, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the cultures of multiple cities as your journey continues to evolve with each new port stop.
Forget tedious airport terminals; cruising will have you looking forward to travelling between destinations. Yoga classes and poolside cocktails make for an enjoyable mode of transport, with on-board activities guaranteeing you'll never get complacent.
Travelling by boat can also mean seeing sights you wouldn't have had the opportunity to if you'd travelled differently. Princess Cruises' Alaskan tours will leave you weaving your way through monumental glaciers while watching whales frolic in the ocean, providing a truly magical experience - and one only achievable when on a cruise.

3. You’ll eat food served by culinary superstars like Curtis Stone

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Foodies, take note: you'll be spoiled for choice while aboard a cruise. Impressive multi-course dinners, delicious buffets and local specialities from holiday destinations are all on the menu, with budgets, dietary requirements and personal taste all taken into consideration.
Cooked with fresh and authentic ingredients, cruise restaurants, cafes and bars offer their travellers a unique culinary experience. Some liners have even collaborated with prestigious chefs (Curtis Stone has curated Princess Cruise menus) and wine-makers to ensure their guests enjoy a round-the-clock fine-dining – ocean views included, of course.

4. You can take the kids (if you want to)

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Making sure everyone has a good time on a family holiday is tricky; teenagers don't want to do the same things as their younger siblings, and parents wouldn't mind a night on their own.
Cruises have a list of fun facilities that cater for every style of holiday. Those wanting some quiet R&R can utilise day spas, luxury shopping outlets and art classes, while those wanting a hit of adventure can sign up for the destination-themed activities, mini golf and dancing classes.
With many cruises now offering youth clubs, parties and kids-only craft classes, parents can grab some alone time knowing the whole family is having a blast in a safe environment.

5. Chances are you’ll make some friends for life

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Booking a cruise together with family and friends is a great way to ensure a quality catch-up. Big enough to get your own space when it's needed, you'll be able to meet for meals, explore holiday spots and create fabulous memories together.
Cruises are also a fun way to meet new people. Activities (such as organised festivals and exclusive adventure tours) will help you connect to like-minded people and spark up new friendships (or possibly a romance!). The kids will love getting to know new friends at Kids' Club and will be begging you to take them on another cruise the minute you're back home.

6. Your Instagram feed will look like this…

^^Enough said.
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