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Model wearing hijab showcases designs by Hannie Hananto on the runway during Jakarta Fashion Week 2014.

Study: Hijab linked to better body image

While most western women might struggle to imagine any upsides to wearing a veil over their faces, a new study suggests that the hijab actually shields women from developing a negative body image. The study, published in British Journal of Psychology, interviewed 587 Muslim women in the UK – of these 369 wore some sort […]
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Amina El Shafei

Amina El Shafei: MasterChef and girl crush

Remember the most popular girl in school? Not the too-cool one who teased all the boys, but the one who was smart, funny, always humble, and floated from group to group because she was everyone’s best friend. You know those people, the super-lovely ones you almost want to hate but couldn’t possibly. Amina El Shafei […]
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