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The cast for the Princess Mary biopic has been revealed!

She’s the girl from Tasmania who will one day be the Queen of Denmark, so it’s fair to say who ever portrays Princess Mary on film has very large shoes to fill.

By Blake Nadilo
Mary: The Making of a Princess will hit our TV screens later this year and now the stars playing the coveted roles of Crown Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark have officially been announced.
Taking on the part of the Hobart local, whose journey has captivated the nation's imaginations, is Melbourne actress Emma Hamilton, from The Tudors and The Cold Light of Day.
Playing opposite her as the handsome Crown Prince Frederik, who stole Mary’s heart after a fateful meeting during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, is Ryan O’Kane.Known for portraying Rhys Levitt on the show City Homicide, New Zealand-born Ryan and his co-star Emma will begin filming the Channel 10 telemovie later this month. It's believed the highly-anticipated series will air towards the end of 2015.
The biopic will tell the fairytale-esque love story between ordinary Aussie girl Mary Donaldson and Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.
The film will depict their epic love story, beginning from the day they famously met back in 2000 at Sydney’s The Slip Inn in the CBD.
We cannot wait to get an insight into this real life, epic love story!

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