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Princess Mary will cheer for the Aussies at the Rio Olympics

But only under one, very significant condition!

By Elizabeth Best
Princess Mary has taken the opportunity to declare her support for her homeland Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
The Danish Crown Princess said she is happy to support Aussie athletes, but only on one condition.
“I'll absolutely support Australians,” Princess Mary declared to The Today Show. “So long as they're not competing against a Dane,” she added.
The Australian-born royal also stipulated that all her cheers would be for the Danish athlete.
But Mary presented her ideal scenario: “It would be great to get gold [for the Danes] and silver [for the Australians].”
The mother-of-four has spoken in favour of Rio’s hosting of the Olympics, despite many reports criticising the country.
“It's been a very positive experience like the trips we've had to Brazil with Danish business delegations and so forth,” she revealed to the MailOnline.
Earlier this week, Princess Mary and Prince Fred touched down in Rio! Post continues after the video...
“And it has also been great to see the beautiful country, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, that Brazil is.”
The 44-year-old added: “We do have a lot of expectations for the Olympics – it's so exciting when the Games start, so I'm looking forward to Friday [opening ceremony].
“We're looking forward to following the Danish athletes of course, but as well all the athletes of the world and the amazing performances they'll put in.”
Princess Mary was greeted by a sea of children when she visited shantytown Jacarepaguá in Rio this week ahead of Friday's Opening Ceremony.
Princess Mary took time out of her busy schedule to visit a school in one Rio’s poorest areas.
She visited a school in Jacarepaguá and presented the children with Lego Duplo sets.
The mother of four indicated that her aim was to leave a lasting legacy with the children long after the games were over.
During her visit, the mother-of-four played Lego with the local children.
As the children played with the Lego, it appeared that many of them had never seen the popular western children’s toy before.
Nevertheless they all caught on quickly and were building creative monuments in no time.
"It's so exciting when the Games start, so I'm looking forward to Friday," Mary said.

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