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Princess Mary of Denmark to receive prestigious charity award

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will receive The Bambi Charity Award for her social engagement and focus on domestic violence.

The Australian-born royal will accept the award at a ceremony at Berlin’s Stage Theater tonight.
Previous recipients of The Bambi Charity Award include President Bill Clinton and HM Queen Silvia of Sweden.
Mary, who appears on the November cover of The Australian Women's Weekly, has previously spoken about the impact violence has on women.
"Violence against women, particularly in the form of sexual violence, has a devastating impact on the sexuality, dignity, psychological well-being, autonomy and reproductive health of women and girls,” Crown Princess Mary said in September in one of a raft of impressive speeches she has made in the past year as part of her work with the High Level Task Force for ICPD (the International Conference on Population Development).
"Harmful practices such as female genital cutting and early and forced marriage damage the health of millions of women and girls and present a lifelong risk to their well-being and ability to realise their full potential."
American actress Uma Thurman will receive the 'International actress' Bambi.

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