International Royals

Princess Mary leads the Danish Royal Family in celebration of Queen Margrethe's birthday

As the Danes would say, "Tillykke med fødselsdagen!"

By Chloe Lal
Princess Mary and her four darling kids Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent all stepped out on the balcony of Amalienborg Palace for Queen Margrethe's birthday.
The Danish Royal Family's matriarch turned 78, marking her very first birthday as a widow.
Despite losing Prince Henrik two months ago, Denmark's Queen was in high spirits as she stood proud on her castle's balcony, waving down to her people for her prolific milestone.
Queen Margrethe celebrated her 78th birthday with her entire Danish Royal Family.
This is her first big celebration as a widow, with her husband, Prince Henrik, passing away in February this year.
While Prince Frederik was unable to attend, Princess Mary represented their side of the family with their kids.
Prince Christian makes his mum giggle.
This is the first time in half a century that Margrethe has spent a birthday without her husband by her side.
After falling ill, Prince Henrik died on February 13.
In light of the loss - her entire clan stepped up so that the Queen would feel an abundance of love on her special day.
Prince Frederik was unable to attend the outing, but his wife Princess Mary and their brood proudly represented Margrethe's eldest child.
Young Vincent seems to share his brother's stoic nature.
In stark contrast, Josephine has everyone in giggles!
Nothing like palace Peek-A-Boo.
The crowds in Copenhagen got a chance to see Mary's kids show off their very sweet - yet very different personalities.
Prince Christian of Denmark, 12, proved to be mature beyond his years.
And it looks like it's a trait his little brother seven-year-old Prince Vincent has picked up.
While Vincent's twin, Princess Josephine is clearly the family's little comedian.
The seven-year-old had everyone in giggles, especially big sister 10-year-old Princess Isabella, with her cheeky antics - which include a royal balcony edition of the past time "peek-a-boo".
The family all banded together for this very special day.
All hail Denmark's Queen!
With all her grandkids.
Dressed in a captivating long-sleeved red dress, our Aussie-born royal seemed overjoyed to be with her mother-in-law, sharing many sweet exchanges.
Also by Queen Margrethe's side was her youngest Prince Joachim.
He was joined by his family including second wife Princess Marie, and their two children; Prince Henrik, eight and six-year-old Princess Athena.
His kids from his first marriage to Countess Alexandra - Prince Nikolai, 18, and 15-year-old Prince Felix - were also in attendance for their Grandma's big day.
A very happy birthday!