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Princess Isabella can’t resist snapping a photo with a famous singer

And she totally kept her cool while doing it!

By Elizabeth Best
Princess Isabella has proved she’s just like us!
The young royal she couldn’t resist snapping a photo when she met a US singer and songwriter Brandon Beal.
But instead of freaking out or fan-girling, the nine-year-old remained totally chill.
So chill, in fact, that even the singer was impressed.
How totally cool, calm and collected does Isabella look?
Princess Isabella aka queen of cool.
“This little princess is exactly that… a ‘little princess’,” the star captioned his sweet instagram snap.
“What a pleasure and an honour to meet Princess Isabella.”
He continued gushing about the nine-year-old royal, who’s looking so grown up these days.
FLASHBACK! Proof Princess Isabella has always kept her cool in front of cameras. Post continues.
“I must say,” Brandon said, “If every princess was as cool, down-to-earth and outgoing as her, I think the world would be a better place.”
And it seems selfies run in the family, with her mother Princess Mary only too happy to snap a picture for fans she runs into.
Say royal cheese!
Like mother, like daughter... Neither of these two are shy about posing with fans!
A selfie containing Princess Mary peeking into the left of the shot was posted to social media recently, showing the Crown Princess only too happy to smile for her young fan.
We wish we could be as cool as the Danish royals!

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