The reigns are coming! Amazing photos of the royal family holding their own umbrellas

They might be royalty, but they can still fend for themselves in the rain!

By Rebecca Sullivan
For generations, the royal family have become used to having a large team of staff on hand to assist them with the basic tasks we perform everyday, like cooking, cleaning and even getting dressed.
They have chefs, cleaners and stylists, alongside a professional team of personal assistants, private secretaries, communications staff and nannies.
But there is one small task that the royals are prepared to do themselves - holding their own umbrellas.
This isn't a new tradition brought on by the more modern members of the royal family, like Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry.
In fact, Princess Diana was frequently photographed carrying her own umbrella, and the Queen is so used to the idea that she has a large collection of gorgeous brightly-coloured umbrellas to match her many different outfits.
Keep scrolling for our full round-up of all the royals who aren't afraid to get their toes wet - metaphorically of course - like the rest of us and hold their own umbrellas.

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