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The Queen just popped into a supermarket - and yes, you read that right

Her Majesty was on a very important mission... and it wasn't because she and Philip were out of milk.

By Jess Pullar
When you're the Queen of England, one might think the arduous task of grocery shopping might be delegated to someone of, well, less high-class importance.
But in the instance of Queen Elizabeth II, it seems she's more than capable of doing that, and a lot more - no matter her ranking or age.
Indeed in a colourful new engagement, Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to a pop-up Sainsbury's store to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary.
Sainsbury's is a well-known supermarket chain in the UK, and one where you'd be very surprised to bump into a royal!
But in a moment we can all relate to, Her Majesty was shown the ropes of the infamous self-checkout scanners, which us non-blue-blooded folk have become well accustomed to.
So was she pipped by a 'please wait for assistance' signal after attempting to weigh a bunch of grapes as so often tends to happen in our local Coles?
The Queen has paid a visit to a well known supermarket chain in the UK. (Getty)
The Queen made like the ordinary folk and visited a supermarket this week! (Getty)
Well, not exactly. The Queen was more perplexed as to how people can't cheat the system.
The regional manager for Sainsbury's cleared things up, saying that the scale would catch out any suspicious movements.
Watch some of the Queen's highlights from the visit in the player at the top!
Sizing up your next tucker with Prince Philip, You Majesty? (Getty)
During the visit, the Queen was also shown how the food has changed within the supermarket over the years - with a typical shopping basket from 1953 (the year of her Coronation) compared to one today.
And there was one item part and parcel from back in the day that could only be described in one way by the Queen herself - "Ghastly"!
Indeed the jar of bloater paste, which is a fish paste made from herring would likely incite the exact same reaction from ourselves!
And in another hilarious revelation, it appears the Queen is not a fan of a breakfast item we're well accustomed to - porridge.
When Her Majesty was shown a couple of sachets of the rolled outs, she said: "Porridge? Tastes have changed."
The Queen has some specific tastes when it comes to brekky! (Getty)
This isn't the first time the Queen has visited a supermarket in the past.
in 2016, the Queen visited a Waitrose supermarket alongside Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla in Poundbury.
And it's also understood that the Queen does frequent the local shops near her Scottish estate in Balmoral when she stays there.
Imagine running into Her Majesty at your local Woolies! (Getty)

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