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Queen Elizabeth is looking for a housekeeping assistant

While Queen Elizabeth has no trouble running her monarch, she'd like a hand running her home.

By Chloe Lal
Her Majesty has taken to the official royal website, advertising for a new housekeeping assistant to work in her London residence of Buckingham Palace.
One very lucky person can officially say that their cleaning is fit for the queen, with the job requiring regularly scrubbing, polishing and dusting for Her Majesty on a daily basis, five days a week.
And the best part, you get to live in the palace!
Check out our chat with former royal employee Grant Harrold in the video player below! Article continues...
Buckingham Palace hosts countless galas and events yearly.
When working for Britain's longest serving monarch, you can expect the job will be anything but typical.
"This is no standard housekeeping role. You'll work, and live, in stunning historic settings, ensuring that they're presented to their best for colleagues, guests and, of course, the Royal Family," the advertisement reads.
The new assistant will be expected to "clean and care for interiors and items from carpets and furniture to historic vases and irreplaceable paintings."
The Queen's future employee will be someone who "takes care and pride in their work. Have excellent communication skills and good time management skills."
"You'll take care of guests and support special events too," it adds.
If you think you're the perfect person for the job but lack some of the skills, Her Majesty has your back!
The housekeeping assistant will have a LOT of rooms to manage...
The position promises on-the-job training, requiring only time management, communication, and team working skills in addition to an enthusiastic positive attitude.
Many would describe this a priceless opportunity, but for those wondering how much a royal employee can make, the starting salary is £22,000 (approx $38,052 AUD).
If living in 313-year-old palace isn't a perk enough, other benefits include 33 annual leave days, all meals provided, training and development, as well as a range of recreational facilities.
If you think you've found your new calling, head to the royal website STAT!
Did they remember to clean behind my tiara stand?

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