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The Queen just turned down an ‘Oldie Award’ at 95 but not for the reason you'd expect

One royal did accept the honour 10 years ago.

By Maddison Leach
Queen Elizabeth II has gracefully declined an 'Oldie Award' at 95-years-old, saying she doesn't feel old enough to accept it.
The monarch was named "Oldie of the Year" by the aptly-titled British publication Oldie Magazine, who had hoped to honour the Queen with the award.
But Her Majesty, who has been ruling Britain since she was 25, said in a statement through her private secretary that you are only ever "as old as you feel".
A letter to the editor from Tom Laing-Baker, her Assistant Private Secretary, revealed the Queen's good-natured response to the award, which she politely declined.
"Her Majesty believes you are as old as you feel, as such The Queen does not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept, and hopes you will find a more worthy recipient," it read.
The outlet still chose to put Her Majesty front and centre on the cover of its most recent publication, along with her quote: "You are as old as you feel."
Though the Queen declined the award and an invitation to the award ceremony in London on Tuesday, one royal did attend the event.
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall presented the awards honouring members of the older generation who have made a special contribution to public life.

Winners this year included TV cook Dame Delia Smith and two doctors, Dr Mridul Kumar Datta and Dr Saroj Datta, who have together put in over 110 years of service with the NHS.
And while the Queen may have turned down the honour of being named "Oldie of the Year", another royal actually accepted the award 10 years ago.
The late Prince Philip was dubbed "Oldie of the Year" in 2011, when he had just turned 90 and was still performing public royal duties.
The quick-witted Duke of Edinburgh had a cheeky reaction to the award too, writing at the time: "I much appreciate your invitation to receive an Oldie of the Year award.
"There is nothing like it for morale to be reminded that the years are passing – ever more quickly – and that bits are beginning to drop off the ancient frame.
"But it is nice to be remembered at all."
Philip sadly died in April this year at the age of 99, just a few months shy of his 100th birthday.
The Queen has continued carrying out key royal duties in the months since his death and has clearly kept the sense of humour she shared with her husband in their 73 years of marriage.
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