British Royal Family

The Royals are living their best life at the 2017 Highland Games

Get ya kilts on... The Royals have gone all Outlander on us for their favourite annual bash.

By Chloe Lal
There's no event quite like it in the royal calendar.
And over the weekend, retired royal Prince Philip joined his wife Queen Elizabeth and their two eldest children, Prince Charles, 68, and Princess Anne, 67, for the Braemar Gathering in Scotland.
The event is by far the biggest social event in the Highland Games schedule, and the British Royal Family were ready to have a rollicking good time.
Her Majesty was joined by Charles and Anne.
The Duke of Edinburgh made his first appearance since retiring a month ago.
Mother and son share a chuckle.
The royals are hugely fond of the Scottish event.
Queen Elizabeth, who kept rugged up with a tartan blanket, was the picture of sheer delight.
Seated inbetween the Duke of Edinburgh and her son, the 91-year-old wore a very pretty pink hat, teamed with a stylish coat dress with the same hues.
While 96-year-old Philip left the kilt to Charles, the Duke kept things classic in a suit.
Prince William's father was in a very jovial mode, joking around with his entire family - much to everyone's amusement.
Phil fits in a quick read.
The future king of England shows he's not above a little fun.
Anne is bemused by her big brother's antics as he mimes what looks to be an imaginary car.
Prince George's grandfather had everyone smiling with his antics.
The curious case of Charles!
The event is very close to the royal's beloved Balmoral castle.
The Braemar Gathering is an annual event that takes place on the first Saturday of September and is held on Princess Anne's Fife Memorial Park estate.
According to historians, it can be dated back over 200 years.
Locals and tourists from far and wide flock to the Scottish town, where they watch a unique range of events and competitions including traditional Highland dancing, piping and tug-of-war.
The Braemar Gathering is the highlight of the Highland Games.
A game of tug-a-war.
Highland dancing.
Two-year-old Owen Yarnell was exceptionally adorable in his kilt.
The family were completely at ease at the gathering.
Her Majesty took the time to meet and chat to the Highland dancers.
Prince Philip, who wrapped up royal duties a month ago, showed off his dry sense of humour by taking a moment to read the paper instead of watching the festivities in front of him.
As for a very animated Charles, we wish we were a fly on the wall to see what had in him in such a fit of giggles!
The Queen chats to one of the dancers.
Looking very sharp in pink.
Bow down to another fantastic games!

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