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Wait, what?! Could Princess Diana and Prince Charles have a secret daughter?

This has to be the craziest conspiracy theory we've ever heard!

By Samantha Faragalli
If this were true, we think it'd be the most groundbreaking news, ever.
There have been rumors going around for years that Princess Diana has a secret daughter, but could it really be accurate?
Thanks to Globe magazine some royal fans are convinced that the late royal, who died in August 1997, is a mum to a girl named Sarah.
It's believed she lives in America and is in her 30s, and is said to be older than her son, Prince William, 35.
Diana with her two sons, William and Harry
The tabloid explained that before Diana married her ex-husband, Prince Charles, back in July 1981, Queen Elizabeth made the then-19-year-old test out her fertility.
Once she proved she was able to bear a child with Charles' sperm the eggs, which had been fertilised by Charles, were ordered to be destroyed and the couple was then allowed to announce their royal engagement to the world.
Now, here comes the plot twist.
Apparently one of the doctors kept one of the fertilised eggs to implant into his own wife.
The girl — who was allegedly born in October 1981 — grew up being called Diana's "dead ringer."
It is very strange to think that the boys could have a sister.
In something that Hollywood would froth over, her parents were killed in a car accident when she was in her 20s.
Sarah discovered her true identity when she came across her parents' diary, which detailed that their daughter was a product of the world's most famous royal couple.
Now, after trying to figure out the truth about her life, she lives with a hidden identity.
The most insane part? She's reportedly met William's wife, Kate Middleton.
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