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“She was very nervous”: Dannii Minogue’s heartbreaking encounter with Princess Diana

It was a moment nothing could have prepared her for.

By Maddison Leach
Dannii Minogue has opened up about the time she met Princess Diana and revealed why she felt sorry for the beloved royal.
The Australian music legend spilled the details in an interview published on Monday, recalling the brief meeting in the early 1990s.
Already a successful pop icon at the time, Dannii was in London in the early 1990s when she was invited to perform as part of a Royal Command Performance.
She sang Success at the Children's Royal Variety Performance in 1991, which was attended by the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.
It was around this time that Dannii says she met Princess Diana at The London Palladium, a moment she said nothing could have prepared her for.
Though the Aussie star said she couldn't recall what she said to the royal, she certainly remembered the impression the young princess left on her.
Dannii Minogue for her Children's Royal Variety Performance in 1991.
"She was very young. She was very nervous," Dannii told News.com.au.
She told the outlet that it was one of Diana's first solo royal engagements and the princess was very dressed up for the occasion.
"I remember looking at her thinking, 'You look like you dressed up as a woman who's 80 years old.' It was really like she'd been styled by the queen's mother," the 49-year-old said
Though Princess Diana is widely remembered as a style icon, she took some time to find her fashion footing in her early days as a royal.
WATCH BELOW: Prince William and Prince Harry unveil a statue honouring Princess Diana. Post continues after video...
Her style evolved over the years, the biggest shift (and some of her most daring outfits) coming in the '90s after she and Prince Charles separated in 1992.
But when she met Dannii in 1990, Diana was a different person and Dannii even felt sorry for the princess.
The Aussie said: "She was just the little Princess Diana with the chin down, looking up at you. And I felt sorry for her, because you could feel the nerves."
Diana was actually an established royal by the 1990s, when Dannii seems to have met her, and had been undertaking solo engagements for some years.
Princess Diana and Prince Charles attend a Royal Variety Performance in 1984.
She is also not recorded as having attended the 1991 royal performance Dannii sang at.
But with Dannii having performed at so many events over the years, no one can blame her for getting a few wires crossed.
She's not the only Minogue to have met royalty either, with sister Kylie Minogue having brushed shoulders with a few royals of her own.
Kylie met Diana at the Royal Australian Bicentennial Concert in 1988, during the late princess' second visit to Australia.

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