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"She was screwed over so badly": Princess Diana's bodyguard tells all

Lee Sansum claims his former boss was taken advantage of.

By Woman's Day team
Amid the fallout from claims Martin Bashir manipulated the truth to gain his bombshell Diana interview, former bodyguard Lee Sansum has spoken out to reveal the mental state of his boss just before she died.
According to Lee, who guarded Diana and her sons in St Tropez in the months before she died, she'd been "battered into submission" over her marriage to Prince Charles, and its fallout, likening her to an exhausted boxer.
"It's like when a fighter is knocked down for the last time and they're just done," Lee, who had been employed by Dodi Al-Fayed's father Mohamed, explained in a new interview with the Sunday Mirror.
"She was screwed over so badly," Lee revealed.
The 58-year-old also claimed the mother-of-two was "used" and refuted allegations over her unstable mental state.
"A lot of people said the princess was crazy but I'm trained in various things such as human behaviour," he told the publication.
Lee (L) guarded Diana, Wills and Harry during their holiday to St Tropez in July 1997, just months before Diana's tragic car accident. (Images: Twitter, Getty)
"I didn't see any signs of the craziness she was alleged to have. She was just a normal person. Can you imagine being told you're crazy but you're not? It must be an awful feeling."
"She was the most balanced, lovely, caring woman. She was a wonderful mother. She was witty and fun," he added.
"She was screwed over so badly," Lee says of Princess Diana, pictured during her holiday to St Tropez in 1997, just before she died. (Image: Getty)
Meanwhile as the BBC launch an investigation into the exact grounds in which Princess Diana was convinced to give her blockbuster tell-all interview with Martin Bashir on Panorama in 1995, Lee says he backs an inquiry.
"There are absolutely grounds for an investigation – she was used," he said.
According to Diana's brother Earl Charles Spencer, his sister – racked with pain over the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles and mutual accusations of infidelity – was "tricked" into confessing her deepest thoughts in the hour-long interview.
Earl Spencer claims journalist Martin Bashir showed him "falsified bank statements" that courtiers were being paid "for information" on the princess, with sources saying it "played perfectly into Diana's paranoia over her husband's affairs – real or imaginary."
It was the interview that shocked the world - but did it fall into place because of fall pretences? (Image: BBC)

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