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Royal fans spot unseen wedding photo from Zara Tindall's nuptials on Princess Anne's desk in rare intimate video

Anne's daughter is never far from her side.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Princess Anne is famous for being one of the hardest working members of the royal family.
But with Princess Royal's official engagements put on hold for the time being, as the UK remains in lockdown and its citizens adhere to strict social distancing rules, the 69-year-old has still managed to find a way to put her time and efforts to good use, even while staying at home.
Like many of her fellow royal family members, Anne has found a new way to communicate - via video chat.
And in a new video uploaded to the royal family's official Twitter account, Anne has used her profile to thank some of the UK's incredible NHS workers, who have been working to fight the coronavirus.
The organisation has been able to open a new hospital in Glasgow amid the crisis, which will help provide urgent medical care to the people of Scotland.
"May I offer my congratulations to everyone who has made it possible to open the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital in Glasgow," said Anne in the video clip.
"Construction work only began on the 31st March and was completed on the 19th April. An astonishing achievement by contractors and all the NHS staff who were involved in the project."
She added: "This was a successful team effort and it will need to continue in order to make the best use of the facilities here."
She explained the new hospital would help the country fight the spread of COVID-19 in Scotland.
"The role of this building is about providing spare capacity which will ensure support to the whole of the NHS in Scotland," said Anne.
"And importantly will give confidence that there are enough facilities available for whatever happens now or in the future. COVID-19 has done something very rare. It has affected every single person's life in some way. Sadly for some, in a very personal and final way."
But eagle-eyed royal fans also spotted something special in the background of the video - a previously unseen portrait from her daughter Zara Tindall's wedding to rugby star Mike Tindall in 2011.
You can spot the photo on the left. Image: Twitter
The image appears to be a private wedding photo that has never been made available to the public.
It bears a striking resemblance to this official wedding portrait released by the couple to mark their nuptials, back in 2011.
Zara and Mike Tindall pictured on their wedding day in Edinburgh, Scotland. Image: Getty
Unlike her royal relatives Prince Harry or Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, Zara does not have an official royal title and is not considered a working member of the royal family.
When members of The Firm have children, tradition states only the father may pass on his title. As of course as Anne is a woman, she was not able to pass on her title to her children - Zara and her brother Peter Phillips.
Zara and her mother Anne have a strong bond. Image: Getty
Royal fans frequently describe the mother-daughter duo as two of the most down-to-earth members of the royal family. Image: Getty
Zara, who now has two daughters with Mike, Mia and Lena, and has enjoyed a blossoming career as an Olympic equestrian rider, has previously explained she feels "lucky" that she was not given a royal title.
"I'm very lucky that both my parents decided to not use the title and we grew up and did all the things that gave us the opportunity to do," she said in 2015.
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