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Unearthed video reveals intimate moment between Prince William and Kate Middleton on royal tour

They look downright smitten.

By Maddison Leach
Previously unseen footage from Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal tour of the Caribbean has caught the pair in a rare moment of affection.
In newly unearthed clips from their time in the Bahamas, the royal pair can be seen walking hand-in-hand as they leave their lavish hotel.
William and Kate appeared cheerful in the clip, smiling and waving at the man behind the camera as they passed him in what appears to be the lobby.
The pair were spotted walking hand-in-hand as they left their hotel. (Image: TikTok)
The man, who goes by Jimmy Rex on TikTok, later shared the footage alongside a caption suggesting he had no idea he had just mixed with royalty.
"This couple staying in the Bahamas had 35 security guards," he captioned the video, which delighted royal fans.
Many were taken by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's subtle public display of affection, with multiple comments noting "they're holding hands!"
Another chimed in, "So interesting to see them holding hands, I never seen them doing it in the media."
WATCH: See the newly unearthed clip of the Cambridges holding hands. Story continues after video.
The usually reserved duo prefer to keep the PDA to a minimum during official royal outings, but they have been known to make exceptions from time to time.
In fact, the husband and wife of 11 years were caught in tender moments multiple times during their Caribbean tour, with photos showing William gently guiding his wife with a hand on her waist, or Catherine comforting him with a hand on his arm.
Most of their affectionate moments are captured when the couple don't think anyone else is looking, like this new rare footage from the last leg of their trip.
Kate was wearing a unique yellow frock in the video, identified as a floral-print silk-jacquard peplum dress from luxury brand Alessandra Rich, which usually retails for almost $3,000.
The Cambridges arrive at an airport in the Bahamas at the end of their royal tour. (Image: Getty)
Her outfit places the footage around March 26, the final day of the couple's royal tour, as she was photographed in the same outfit as she and William boarded their plane back to the UK that evening.
Despite some backlash around their royal tour of the Caribbean, Kate and William's time abroad in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee was considered something of a success.
The duchess' fashion was a highlight, 40-year-old Kate pulling out all the stops in a number of spotlight-stealing gowns for glamorous evening outings.