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Prince Harry told off for his scruffy appearance

They were not amused!

By Elizabeth Best
Uh oh, looks like Prince Harry has landed himself in a bit of hot water again.
The charming Prince has been told off for letting his dress standards slip while meeting with 45 veterans at Southwick House near Portsmouth ahead of the Normandy invasion anniversary.
Harry, who was wearing a blue suit with an open-necked button-down shirt for the occasion, was pulled up on his choice of outfit for the occasion by a D-Day veteran… a 91-year-old no less!
Ivor Anderson jokingly told the young royal off, asking cheekily, “Where’s your bloody tie?”
Ivor was having none of Prince Harry's cheek!
The Prince, who is a qualified Apache Aircraft Commander in the Army, replied “I was told not to wear a tie and then you all turn up wearing ties!
"I feel under-dressed," he added.
Notice anything? Oh yeah, Harry's the ONLY one without a tie!
But Ivan didn’t want to let the issue go, later telling to someone else, “I told him he should wear a bloody tie."
“I said I had a spare one, he said he couldn’t wear mind because he didn’t have his wings,” Ivan explained.
Despite the sartorial snafu, Harry took time to hear the veteran's stories. Here he's chatting to 92-year-old Anthony Colgan.
Having one’s wings is the term used to define personnel as qualified military parachutists and is symbolised by a badge with wings on a tie.
See Harry chat about his military training in Australia. Post continues...
The Prince is said to have noticed his under-dressed attire before he entered the room, making a comment about it to John Phipps, the founder of D-Day Revisited charity.
“Are they all wearing ties in there? I should have worn a tie!” he exclaimed.
“Oh well, it’s too late now.”
Poor Harry!

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