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Prince Harry tells students he hates Twitter

Prince Harry has revealed he really hates Twitter while promoting the Invictus Games to school kids in London.

According to the UK's Mirror the 29-year-old confessed his dislike for social media after he was asked by a student if he would Tweet during the Paralympic style competition.
"I'd love to get involved on social media. The issue for myself and my family is it's hard to tweet about something that means a lot to me," said Harry.
"I really hate Twitter by the invasion of privacy. I think you all understand what I'm talking about."
The young royal was impressively frank during a spontaneous Q&A with students from six schools at Bethnal Green Academy in East London.
Prince Harry with students at the Bethnal Green Academy who have been appointed ‘digital champions’.
As a former solider Harry told the students – who have been appointed the 'digital champions' of the Invictus Games – about his hopes for the upcoming tournament.
"For me this is an opportunity for the British public to say thank you to these people from across the world for their service... You only hear about the guys who die, you never hear about the injuries," Harry said.
"So to give this opportunity to all these guys who have been injured and managed to survive thanks to the amazing medical care we have nowadays, I think that's a really powerful message to send to everybody.
"Some of them shouldn't be alive but they are."
Prince Harry fired off his first ever tweet back in May via the Invictus Games handle to kick off ticket sales for the event.
The UK will boast a healthy 100-person team made up of serving and veteran personnel to compete against 13 other nations in sports such as wheelchair rugby, cycling and indoor rowing for the games held in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Earlier this year Prince Harry met with the injured personnel hoping to qualify as part of the British Armed Forces team.
David Henson, who was injured in Afghanistan in 2011 says the games will help veterans to see a life beyond disability.
"These games will provide us, the wounded community, with the tools to create our own futures, to govern our own destinations, to show that we cannot be broken."
The games are due to kick off on September 14.

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