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Big change to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's official thank-you card gives fans a clue as to what their post-Megxit life will look like

A sign of things to come?

By Rebecca Sullivan
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's decision to step back as senior members of the royal family has fundamentally changed almost every aspect of the couple's lives, especially when it comes to their public profiles and how they choose to interact with the press and royal fans.
It is tradition that fans who write letters and messages of congratulations to members of the royal family for important occasions, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even Christmas well-wishes, receive a thank-you letter from the royals in response, usually alongside an official family portrait.
For example, last September, before their #Megxit split was revealed, Harry and Meghan sent out thank you notes to fans that featured a gorgeous black-and-white photo of the Duke and Duchess and their son Archie at his Christening, alongside a beautiful personal note.
"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been overwhelmed by all the incredibly kind cards and letters they have been received on the occasion of Archie's christening and we are so touched that you took the trouble to write as you did," the message read.
"It really was most thoughtful of you and greatly appreciate by Their Royal Highnesses who send you their very best wishes."
A photo of the thank-you card the Sussex family sent out last September was shared by royal fan account @loopycrown at the time. Image: Instagram
But the new thank-you cards Harry and Meghan have begun sending out to fans in this post-#Megxit era look very different to their old notes.
The photo that, until now, was always included alongside the thank-you message, has gone.
Plus, the message has become a lot shorter and more subdued.
Royal fan account Cambride Sussex Fan shared photos of a thank-you note received in response to a Christmas card sent to the Sussex family last year, and noted the difference in this card compared to previous years.
"Received my Christmas reply from the Sussexes today," the fan wrote on Twitter.
"Very simple with the couple's monogram instead of a picture which I guess is in keeping with the upcoming changes."
Harry and Meghan's thank-you cards are now simply emblazoned with the couple's monogram design, which features a mix between an "H" for Harry and "M" for Meghan. Image: Twitter
On the other side of the card, a short message from the family read: "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were extremely touched by your message and send their very best wishes for the year ahead."
The concise message written on the thank-you cards. Image: Twitter
The decision to refrain from sharing personal family photos is perhaps indicative of Harry and Meghan's new path moving forward, meaning we are likely to see fewer official images and private insights into their family life.
The pair have chosen to move to Canada away from the spotlight of London, or even LA, where Meghan is from, and have significantly scaled back their public appearances since announcing their new roles at the beginning of the year.
The absence of their Sussex Royal branding on the letter is also keeping in tune with the decision by The Queen and senior royal officials to prevent Harry and Meghan from using the word "royal" in their own branding.
The pair had trademarked that name, which is also their Instagram handle and the URL of their official website, sussexroyal.com.
It's unclear what these will be changed to in the future.
Meghan's decision to step down from her role as a senior royal has not come easily. Image: Getty
The Duchess has been open about the struggles she has faced during her time as a royal. Image: Getty
On Friday, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan began their final chapter as senior royal family members, stepping out for the first time as a joint unit since they sensationally announced they would be standing down from the British institution, at the annual Endeavour Fund Awards in London.
The pair looked relaxed and happy as they attended the event, which marks the first of three upcoming occasions that will be their final official duties as senior royal family members.
Harry and Meghan are looking forward to starting their new life together. Image: Getty
Meghan and Harry stepped out for one of their final official royal engagements in London this week. Image: Getty
Meghan looked glowing as she walked arm-in-arm with Harry. Image: Getty
On Saturday evening, the duo will again make a public appearance at the Royal Albert Hall to watch the Mountbatten Music Festival.
On Monday, the couple will then attend the annual Commonwealth Day service alongside the Queen, Duchess Catherine and Prince William.
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Come March 31, their transition away from the royal family into a financially independent life will formally come into play.
That means we'll likely see less of the royals step out in this kind of capacity.
As per the Palace's official statement, the pair will also split their time between the UK and a new home in North America, although many believe the Duke and Duchess are likely to set up shop in Canada for the most part, with only fleeting trips home to the UK.

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