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According to one rather stunned Twitter user, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were just spotted shopping for a Christmas tree

The Duke and Duchess will spend Christmas in their sprawling Santa Barbara pad.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been spotted Christmas tree shopping near their new home in Santa Barbara, California.
The Duke and Duchess, who moved into their new home earlier this year after relocating to the US, are spending a quiet Christmas together with their one-year-old son Archie.
According to one rather stunned Twitter user, the pair visited a store near Montecito, which is located in Santa Barbara.
"Meghan and Prince Harry came into my work today and we sold them their Christmas Tree," the Twitter user wrote.
According to a report from HELLO!, the Twitter user then added: "We had our lot empty when they got there - their agent promoted them a good time to come instead of us shutting it down."
And funnily enough, given how quiet it was apparently one young lad got a little confused by who was who in the store.
"There was one family in there and their stoked little son ran through trees up to Harry and asked if he worked here not knowing who that is."
The Duke and Duchess were spotted near their sprawling new mansion in California. (Getty)
The pair are certainly gearing up for a nice Christmas together.
Earlier this week, it was revealed the pair were looking forward to decorating their new home and to spend Christmas with their son, who at 18-months, will be able to enjoy the festivities a little more than last year.
In a new report from PEOPLE, a source close to the couple said the pair will get right into the festive spirit by decorating their new abode.
"They are very happy. Archie is thriving and growing quickly. As a family, they spend hours outside," the source explained.
Harry and Meghan are looking forward to Christmas in their new Santa Barbara home. (Save the Children / The Duke of Sussex)
This isn't the first time the pair have been spotted Christmas tree shopping.
Back in 2016 the couple, who were newly dating, were spotted shopping for a tree in Battersea, London.
Of course, they've come quite a long way since then, but some things really do remain the same.

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