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Why Prince Harry was not with Meghan Markle on her birthday

This makes sense!

By Chloe Lal
It turns out that Prince Harry didn't get to be with his wife Duchess Meghan for most of her birthday, with Hello! confirming that he was indeed the best man at his pal Charlie van Straubenzee's wedding.
Royal watchers noted that Meghan arrived at the Surrey-based nuptials by herself.
We've now learned that Harry, who recently got married himself, was Charlie's right hand man for his big day.
Harry was his childhood's friend's best man.
Harry is said to be have been with his childhood pal for "pre-wedding celebrations" along with the rest of the groom party.
The men had lunch at The Anchor Inn, located in Hampshire village of Lower Froyle.
On onlooker shared to the British publication, "Harry and about ten others 'had a couple of drinks each and then had lunch.'"
Meghan is thought to have spent time with Harry's female pals.
"It was all very relaxed. They were in a private dining room off the restaurant, so Harry stayed there the whole time."
The onlooker noted, "He kept a very low-profile. He didn't actually walk through the restaurant – they all came around the back. He seemed very relax and looked like he was having a good time."
"Everybody was very nice, they all seemed very pleasant."
It is believed that the groom and his friends opted for a bespoke menu - something the pub is known for.
Meanwhile, Meghan may have been without Harry but she wasn't alone.
She is thought to have been with Harry's other friends, a 20 minute drive away from her husband in Churt village.
She and her new British friends dined at Bel & The Dragon.
Together again! After the wedding, Harry got focus on being Meghan's best man for the remainder of the day.
After the royal newlyweds arrived at the chapel seperately at around 3pm, they reunited after the wedding service.
And Prince Harry was sure to put all his focus on his birthday girl.
The 33-year-old was snapped holding onto Meghan's hand.
And the 37-year-old seemed pretty chuffed with that!