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Prince Andrew and Fergie reunite on wedding anniversary

The couple would have been celebrating their 30th year together.

By Elizabeth Best
The former royal couple would have divorced 20 years ago, but that doesn’t stop them spending time together.
In fact, their most recent outing together coincided with a very special occasion: the day they would have been celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.
The Duchess of York spent time during the day with Andrew and her daughter Eugenie at the races at Ascot.
But clever royal watchers took note that the date of the reunion was exactly 30 years since the Prince and the Duchess said their vows at Westminster Abbey.
Relive the splendour of Fergie and Andrew’s wedding (and get a glimpse of tiny Princes Harry and William!) in the video below. Then, post continues.
Sarah and Andrew looked so happy on their big day.
“She and Andrew were going to spend time together in the evening to mark their anniversary,” an insider told the Daily Mail. “And then Andrew invited her along to Ascot to enjoy the day.
“He was representing the Queen, who was in Scotland,” the source explained.
The Duchess of York spent time in the royal box with her daughter Eugenie.
And because the Duchess of York was there on Prince Andrew’s invitation, it would explain why she was allowed into the royal box for the first time in years.
The pair have made no secret of remaining good friends since their split, and continuing to share parental responsibilities of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.
And their bond of friendship has always remained strong, despite many of life’s ups and downs.
Despite the split, the pair are usually happy to get together and spend time with their daughters.
Fergie and Andrew were besotted with each other before they wed.
And Fergie has had more than a few downs in recent years.
The cash-strapped Duchess has been forced to hawk products on the shopping channel, and rumours were flying earlier this month that she’s gearing up to sue the media over the sting that caught her allegedly selling “access” to Prince Andrew.
See Fergie’s awkward shopping channel stint in the video below. Post continues.
But she has always maintained strong ties to her beloved family.
In fact, a friend confided that the Duchess, who reportedly plans to apply for Swiss residency, is now spending more and more time at the Windsor lodge with her family.
"The truth is that Sarah is spending more and more time back at the Royal Lodge, where she lived for years, and less time in Switzerland.
“She misses Andrew and her daughters."

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