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Pippa Middleton nearly flashes everyone at Wimbledon 2016

But Duchess Catherine’s sister proves she’s still got it in the fashion stakes!

By Elizabeth Best
Pippa Middleton cut a very fine figure indeed when she showed up to day one of Wimbledon 2016.
Accompanied by her dapper brother James Middleton, the famous sister of Duchess Catherine wore a stunning white dress decked out with a pink floral pattern and a lovely shoulder ruffle.
But despite her best efforts in the fashion department, even the best of us can have a fashion mishap.
Several times throughout the tennis match, Pippa had to rearrange her skirt, as it had ridden up when she sat down.
Pippa attended the match with her brother James.
What she didn’t realise is that the was also very close to giving punters a bit of an eyeful!
When the usually demure Pippa rearranged herself, she lifted her skirt just that little bit too high... oops!
Watch where you're adjusting that thing, Pippa!
When she realised what she’d done, the 32-year-old stood up to pull the skirt down, laughing along with onlookers.
Pippa talks about how her relationship with Kate has changed since her sister became Duchess Catherine. Post continues.
Pippa couldn't stop laughing at her skirt mishap!
Meanwhile who should be sitting down in front of Pippa but our very own Rebel Wilson.
The actress was really getting into the action of the tennis match, cheering and clapping enthusiastically.
Rebel does not look impressed with that latest call.
But she cheered up enough to start cheering later.
In fact, the comedian, who is getting set to perform in Guys and Dolls on stage in London, didn’t seem to be able keep a straight face, getting really emotionally involved in all the action.
See Rebel get involved in a rap battle about her upcoming show in the below clip. Post continues.
Pippa thought Rebel's ever-changing facial expressions were a crack up.
Even Pippa seemed to find the Aussie actress’s antics amusing, as she clapped and laughed along with her.
Pippa seems to have been keeping a low profile lately, but was spotted heading out to a romantic dinner with her banker boyfriend James Matthews last week.
There has been talk that the pair was to be engaged, but that the plans suffered a setback when James moved to Geneva.

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