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This is the name fans are convinced Meghan and Harry will name their baby daughter

The odds stack up.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had virtually every single royal fan in the world sitting up and taking notice after they announced their second child was on the way.
Then, they managed the same again a few weeks later after they revealed the baby's gender - a girl.
It's not hard to see why people were thrilled with the announcement - a baby girl rounds out the Duke and Duchess's family perfectly, with big brother Archie no doubt looking forward to having a little sister to grow up with.
And of course, the one thing people are now very excited to speculate on is the possible baby name the parents will pick for their daughter.
The bookies odds have spoken, so we rounded up the top baby names for Harry and Meghan's soon-to-be baby girl - there's some tradition, and non-tradition woven in-between.
Harry and Meghan are soon to welcome a baby girl. (CBS)


As soon as Harry and Meghan shared during their interview with Oprah Winfrey a week ago they would be having a baby girl, bookies odds on the name Diana skyrocketed to 5/1.
It's easy to see why - it's a choice no one would question, and everyone would love given how well loved the late Princess Diana was.
While it would certainly be a sweet tribute to Harry's late mother, it's also possible the pair may simply include Diana as a middle name for their daughter.
Fans would love to see Harry and Meghan's baby girl be named after Princess Diana. (Getty)


In an eleventh hour surge, Allegra shot to the top of baby name lists two years ago when Duchess Meghan was preparing to welcome her son, Archie.
At the time, the gender of the baby was unknown, but as bookies were left scratching their heads at where the moniker had come from, taking a closer look at it made sense.
The name, which has Italian origins meaning "cheerful or joyous" is one that we can easily see being chosen by Meghan.
On her former blog, The Tig, one of Meghan's favourite travel destinations is Italy, with the now-royal sharing a number of pictures and memories from her time there on the now defunct website.
What's more, The Express has also claimed Diana herself is a fan of the name, having once told a friend of hers that she liked it.
A couple of months later, the name went back underground as the Sussexes welcomed a baby boy, whom they named Archie.
But who knows, perhaps it's finally Allegra's time to shine. It's currently wracked up odds of 11/1 at present.


Also leading the pack is Isabella, currently on the betting lists at 12/1.
It's a royal name by tradition - the Italian and Spanish version of Elizabeth. A subtle tribute to our Queen, perhaps?
Isabella is also a top contender. (Misan Harriman)

Alice or Abigail

Behind Allegra is Alice and Abigail - two other A names which suggests there's a chance Harry and Meghan may wish to make a connection with their son Archie, also a member of team A.
The two names currently have 14/1 odds.

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