British Royal Family

Meghan Markle is allowed to call the Queen a nickname and it’s as cute as it’s kinda odd...

Our preferred moniker for Queen is Lilibet, but that’s just us…

By Ellie McDonald
Anyone with an Instagram account/phone will have seen new pictures of Meghan Markle and the Queen spending quality time together during their first series of royal engagements in Cheshire this week.
Their smiles and body language show just how relaxed the two appear to be in each other's company – which makes sense considering Meghan may soon be able to call Queen Elizabeth something much more intimate than 'Your Majesty'.
Getting down to serious Royal business.
As reported by the Daily Mail and Majesty magazine, once these formalities with the queen are done and dusted, Meghan will be able to refer to the Queen as something else entirely.
Following 'Your Majesty', the next name Meghan will call the Queen is 'Ma'am'.
Not only that, but editor-in-chief of Majesty Ingrid Seward told Grazia magazine that Meghan might like to adopt a name that Prince Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, would call the Queen. That name? 'Mama'.
"[Ma'am] can be shortened to Mama , when Meghan gets to know her as Diana did. But never her pet name Lillibet, which is reserved for very close family and friend," Seward reveals.
Judging by the body language between the two women during their Chesire visit, we bet she will call the Queen 'Ma'am' any day now. Indeed, according to body language expert Judi James, the Queen was impressed with Meghan's confidence (even if we thought Meghan looked nervous, constantly touching and playing with her hair…).
"They were very relaxed. At one point they were giggling like teenagers together. The Queen looked delighted to be with her," James says.
Meghan and the Queen sharing a quiet joke together.
"The Queen was doing everything right for her and made her looked like a granddaughter or a friend whom she is very fond of."
We couldn't agree more…