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Meghan Markle's family to star in their own reality TV show

Holy Karadashian... Somebody find us a royal mumager STAT!

In the TV news you weren't expecting, we'd like to report that Duchess Meghan's family - The Markles - are said to be in the midst of getting their very own reality TV show.
Samantha Markle is supposedly chatting to the home of the Real Housewives franchises, Bravo.
The Sun have reported that the American television cable channel are negotiating a "bumper pay deal" with the 53-year-old.
And the cincher - Bravo is doing everything in their power to get Meghan's dad Thomas Markle to join the fold.
Samantha is said to be the star of the show, but producers are hoping Thomas joins the ranks.
Thomas notoriously had to skip his daughter's royal wedding to Prince Harry after staging paparazzi photos and suffering a heart attack.
This will certainly create an even bigger rift with Meghan should he say yes to the series.
So what sort of show are we expecting?
One TV insider revealed, "They want something that is similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians."
If we smile and wave, maybe they'll just stop talking...
Given the many times the Markle clan have publically spoken out about Meghan, Prince Harry and the royal family, maybe having their own TV show would be a good platform for their weekly rants.
Just last month Samantha Markle said that her dad could "die of sadness" if he never saw his youngest again.
"I'm desperate for Meghan to meet up with Dad when she's back. If she doesn't it would be really cruel and hurtful and would break his heart.
"I speak to him every day. He's very sensitive and I see his health suffering as a result of this. I hope they can meet in a quiet place, spend some quality time together and gain closure on what's been an incredibly sad time for him.
"If they don't I'm worried he'll die of sadness. I just want her to get in touch before it's too late. Life's short — neither of them deserves to be left with the consequences."
While Thomas' most recent views on his in-laws are rather disturbing, with the former lighting designer comparing the royals to "Scientologists or the Stepford Family".
Talking to his friends at The Sun, he mused, "They are either like Scientologists or the Stepford family."
"If they hear anybody say anything they just lock the doors. They need to speak up!"
Addressing the fact that the royals are yet to publicly comment on all the Markles' multiple interviews, he went on, "They are cult-like — like Scientology — because they are secretive."
"They close the door, pull the shades down and put their fingers in their ears so they don't have to hear.
Thomas continued: "Maybe they have a secret handshake too! You cannot ask a question of them — as they won't answer."
Duchess Meghan has yet to comment on any of the Markles.

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