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Duchess Meghan had a thing for British men before Prince Harry came along

She definitely has a type!

By Alex Lilly
We may not like to admit it, but many of us have a type when it comes to romantic partners and the same story goes for the Duchess of Sussex!
Before she married our favourite red-headed royal, Duchess Meghan was very much single and ready to mingle and even asked a British TV host to set her up with some eligible bachelors.
In a report by The Sun, British TV personality Lizzie Cundy claims she became friends with the then-Meghan Markle after meeting her at a charity dinner together in 2013. At that time, Meghan had been divorced from her first husband Trevor Engelson for three months.
"We were having a girly chat and then she said, 'Do you know any famous guys? I'm single and I really love English men,' so I said, "We'll go out and find you someone," Lizzie said.
The TV personality then revealed that she considered setting the Suits star up with some Chelsea football players including Ashley Cole who had recently split from his wife Cheryl.
TV personality Lizzie Cundy and Meghan Markle first crossed paths in 2013. (Images: Getty Images)
"I showed her a photo of Ashley and she was like, 'Oh yeah, he's cute. Does he have a reputation?' I was like, 'Well, yeah, but you're only here to have a bit of fun'," Lizzie revealed.
Meghan and Lizzie clearly hit it off as they reunited the next day with Lizzie claiming she was very relaxed, fun and "liked a drink."
So when Lizzie found out about Meghan's relationship with then-eligible bachelor Prince Harry in 2016, the TV personality says she was surprised to hear the news.
"I texted saying, 'Oh my god, I heard about Harry'. And she was like, 'Yeah I know. We'll try and hook up'."
But not long afterwards, Meghan cut off all contact with her British friend, though Lizzie suspected why.
"She was probably told by the Palace to end contact with people she befriended in the media. I was literally ghosted by her."
Duchess Meghan landed the ultimate British bachelor in Prince Harry. (Image: Getty Images)
When Lizzie first interviewed Meghan at the Eva Longoria Global Gift Gala admitted she had taken a liking to the British capital.
"It is very cold, but the people are so warm, as cheesy as that sounds," she gushed on the red carpet.
"I was joking today that I've never been called 'love' or 'darling' more in my life, so it makes me want to stick around for a while."
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Prince Harry isn't the only English man Meghan had her eye on.
In 2015 it came out that the Duchess of Sussex had a bit of a soft spot for UK X Factor winner Matt Cardle and asked to meet him before he starred in the West End musical Memphis. The two were messaging online before the singer ghosted her to pursue things with his now girlfriend.
And it seems that the Duchess of Sussex asked around for matchmaking help. Journalist Katie Hind, who spent a night out with the former Suits star was also asked to set her up.
"She asked me about British men, and confided that she had recently got divorced from her husband, and now she was single and very much ready to mingle."
"I quizzed her about American men, but she didn't seem so keen on them."