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Why Princess Diana's final resting place is so important

On a tranquil island, surrounded by a serene lake, the journey ended for the most famous woman in the world.

For such a beloved figure it's not surprising that many people are left asking, where is Diana? and where is Princess Diana buried ?
The Spencer family’s 500-year-old ancestral Althorp Estate.
The exact location of Diana’s grave has never been revealed, but it lies at the centre of the Spencer family’s 500-year-old ancestral Althorp Estate.
The estate spans 5260ha of lush Northamptonshire countryside, about 112km outside London.
At the time of her death, her brother Charles Spencer explained it would be her final hope for peace in a secluded location away from the world's prying eyes.
A shot of princess Diana's tomb.
In July, William, Catherine and Harry, along with George and Charlotte, attended a private service conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to rededicate her grave.
Meanwhile, it’s been announced that the Oval Lake will have an extensive multi-million-dollar redesign to honour her memory, expected to be completed in time for the 20th anniversary of her death.
Since she was laid to rest, 36 oak trees were planted to mark each year of her life, along with hundreds of white water lilies and roses.