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A foreshadowing play and the Queen's first impression: What you didn't know about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

There's more to the Duchess of Cambridge than meets the eye.

By Alex Lilly
She will one day be Queen Consort beside her husband Prince William, but when it comes to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, we don't really know too much about her.
Yes, she's a style icon, a champion of mental health and devoted mum-of-three, but as these facts prove, there's so much more to her than meets the eye.

Her school play predicted her future

Many of us have had to participate in school plays back in our younger years, as did the Duchess of Cambridge.
When she was 13-years-old, Kate Middleton played a young woman who meets a fortune teller and is informed that she will meet and marry a rich and handsome man.
To make matters even more spooky, the man who proposes to her is named William. 16 years later, Kate married her handsome prince in real life at Westminster Abbey.
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An unexpected connection to her husband's cousin

Catherine attended Marlborough College, a co-educational independent boarding school, during her secondary school years where she was an avid athlete and even captain of the women's field hockey team.
She'd previously been a student at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school, and according to fellow Marlborough dorm-mate, Gemma Williamson, her experience there wasn't a pleasant one.
"Apparently she had been bullied very badly and she certainly looked thin and pale. She had very little confidence," Gemma told the Daily Mail.
Just a few years later, William's cousin Princess Eugenie would attend Marlborough College. Imagine if they'd been in the same year!
The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's cousin Princess Eugenie attended the same secondary school. (Image: Getty)

She did her own royal wedding makeup

Unlike other brides, both royal and non-royal, Kate made the bold move to apply her wedding day makeup by herself.
However, she did work with Bobbi Brown makeup artist Hannah Martin ahead of the big day to make sure it was all perfect.
With her smoky eyes and blushed cheeks, the Duchess of Cambridge's beauty look will forever be one to remember.
Makeup artist in the making! Catherine was responsible for her wedding day beauty look. (Image: Getty)

Some like it (extra) hot

The Duchess of Cambridge is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen but if you ever want to win her over with your culinary skills, Indian should be on the menu.
"Curry, definitely!" she told BBC's Radio One when asked her favourite takeaway, and whilst she's a fan of spice the same can't be said for her husband.
One of the Cambridge kids, however, is taking after her mum. The royal explained ahead of her and William's 2019 Pakistan tour that they're looking forward to the food in the Asian country and that at home she'll cook one version for George, Charlotte and Louis and another for the adults.
"Charlotte is pretty good with heat," Kate admitted.
Like mother, like daughter: Both Kate and Charlotte enjoy spicy food. (Image: Getty)

The Queen's first impression

It's safe to say that after over a decade of marriage, Will and Kate were meant to be, but marrying into the British royal family means you have to have the Queen's tick of approval.
As it turns out, Her Majesty was a big fan of Kate from the get-go and welcomed her with open arms.
"I know my grandmother and grandfather are very fond of her," Zara Tindall, William's cousin told The Sunday People back in 2011. "They thought she was just right for William.
"My grandmother liked Kate as soon as they met. They both adore her."