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Stop what you're doing! James Middleton's secret Instagram has just been revealed and it's BRILLIANT

Must love dogs, apparently...

By Jess Pullar
If you're having an average, run-of-the-mill kind of day, it's about to get approximately 1000 times better.
Here to give us hours of viewing pleasure, James Middleton - aka the younger brother of Duchess Catherine - has revealed his Instagram account for the world to see, and it's a sight to behold.
James Middleton's colourful life has been revealed in all its tartan-clad glory! (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
His account, which up until now appeared to be on 'private' mode meaning the general public were unable to see it, is full of candid photos from his colourful life.
Looking through (read: devouring) his posts that offer an insight into his life in Scotland, there are three main themes that tell a us a lot about the future Queen Consort's little brother.
Firstly, he clearly LOVES dogs. An array of Retrievers, Labradors and Cocker Spaniels are present in almost every post. No complaints from our end - we could look at those gorgeous furry faces for days!
Dogs for days! (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
James and pup both successfully pulling off the 'blue steel'. (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
The second thing we've learnt from James' Instagram? Turns out he's rather partial to a selfie.
From cradling adorable little lambs to taking a quick dip in the ocean (in all his shirtless glory, no less) to numerous pics with his friends - it's clear Middleton is well-versed when it comes to 21st century photography.
Feast your eyes on the best selfies below!
Is it okay if we print this off and stick it on our fridge for maximum viewing opportunity? (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
The definition of rugged! (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
James has perfected the selfie pose. (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
The final thing we noticed about the 31-year-old's elusive Instagram is all to do with his rather famous fellows.
While his account might have been a secret, the lives and loves of his two elder sisters aren't so much - but there is one thing his Instagram revealed about his big sis Pippa.
Pictured in a post from 2013, Middleton stands with none other than James Matthews, who incidentally went on to marry Pippa in 2017.
The picture was taken when the couple weren't together, while Pippa was still dating stockbroker Nico Jackson.
It wasn't until October 2015 that romance blossomed between Matthews and the brunette beauty - after she and Jackson parted ways, according to Good Housekeeping.
However, going by this picture, it seems Matthews always had close ties with the genetically blessed family!
A 2013 image proves the Middleton and Matthews clan have always been a tight knit bunch. (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
While Middleton's Instagram reveals a lot about his life in the Scottish wilderness, there's plenty of other gems hidden among his 180+ posts that we can feast our eyes on.
Pippa features in a several images posted by James over the years, including a sweet pic of the pair celebrating at a sports charity event.
A cute pic of James and big sister Pippa is a stand-out on the royal's Instagram account. (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
And to explain all those outdoorsy snaps, James is reportedly working as a host at the Glen Affric Lodge located near Loch Ness.
The lodge itself is owned by none other than Pippa's father-in-law David Matthews.
A picture of James's ex-girlfriend Donna Air, whom he split from in February 2018, also remains on his account. Affirming that the former couple still seem to be on good terms, James is also still following Donna and her daughter Freya.
James posted a photo of his then-girlfriend Donna Air with the punny caption "Do-re-mi!". (Image: Instagram / @jmidy)
Now that his account has been made public for the world to see, we can wait to see more candid moments from the dashing royal - dogs and all!
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