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Is Jack Brooksbank asking Queen’s permission to marry Princess Eugenie?

A surprise visit to Balmoral to stay with Queen Elizabeth has wedding speculation swirling.

Those engagement rumours just don’t seem to be going away.
Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie continued to fan the engagement flames with a surprise visit to Balmoral over the weekend.
Many members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, are holidaying at their Scottish retreat at present.
According to royal insiders, bringing Jack to the family holiday is a sign that the couple is ready for a serious future.
Those wedding bell sounds we hear just won't go away.
There’s definitely speculation mounting that Jack might be in Balmoral so he can gain the Queen’s approval for a future engagement.
The nightclub manager has reportedly met the Queen before but this invitation for a prolonged stay in the highlands could be an indication that future plans are afoot.
Eugenie really wants the Queen to get to know Jack better.
"You could call this weekend a rite of passage for Jack," an insider told the Sunday Express.
"There is no way he would be invited to stay with the Queen unless he was being welcomed into the royal fold and the bosom of the family.
"Eugenie doesn’t have to ask the Queen for permission to marry but she obviously wants her to be happy with her choice of husband."
The Queen is happiest at Balmoral so it's ideal for Jack to get to know her there.
“These relaxed weekends are the ideal way to break the ice,” the insider said.
A close friend of Eugenie’s 29-year-old suitor revealed: “You could say he was somewhat apprehensive about going to Balmoral.
“But Jack has no side to him and will just be himself. He’s the sort of chap who doesn’t have any enemies and I’m sure he will make a good impression.”
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