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Princess Eugenie just gave fans a proper close-up of her baby son August - and his hair colour is suspiciously familiar

Eugenie and husband Jack welcomed their son in February.

By Jess Pullar
Princess Eugenie has kept her private life under wraps over the past four months as she settles into life with a brand new baby son.
But it looks like she's ready to jump back into things now, with the Princess sharing some rare personal insights with her fans - including a close up of her son.
On World Oceans Day, the Princess showed her support in the masses - first with a poignant visit to a special spot, and second with a video that no doubt made all of her biggest fans stop and watch with glee.
Indeed, the Princess shared a beautiful clip of her son, named August Philip Brooksbank, to Instagram with the little boys back turned to the camera rocking in his chair.
In the clip, it's possible to make out little August's hair colour which incidentally looks an awful lot like it's morphing into the iconic raven red synonymous with Eugenie, Beatrice and even Prince Harry.
Eugenie shared a proper close-up glimpse of August - and wait till you see his hair colour. (Instagram)
While August clutched a cute soft toy shark, Eugenie wrote over the clip: "It's World Oceans Day today, a day to celebrate our magnificent oceans and all the creatures in it."
She continued: "A day to raise awareness for something so integral to our lives... And a day to cuddle fluffy sharks."
Is that a tuft of red hair we see..? (Instagram)
That same day, Eugenie visited the Forest for Change at Somerset House, where she heard from some of the people actively working to help save and bring longevity to our oceans.
"In the middle of this magnificent forest are the @unitednations 17 Global Goals as pillars. Today we were celebrating goal 14: Life Below Water on World Oceans Day," Eugenie explained on Instagram.

"I listened to some incredible people all doing remarkable things to help protect our oceans and be a force of change for them and the creatures in it."

For the occassion, Eugenie wore a beautiful floral midi dress which featured 3/4 sleeves and a unique dark flowery print.
It was one of the first times we've seen the Princess pictured out and about since welcoming her son in February and indeed since before the pandemic began.
In the name of the oceans, we think that's a pretty great way to return to the limelight.

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