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Duchess Meghan rejoins Prince Harry on the Royal Tour in Fraser Island

Back together after a short separation.

By Juliet Rieden
The crowds who had gathered on Kingfisher Bay Jetty were thrilled to see the Duchess of Sussex back by Prince Harry's side as Their Royal Highnesses arrived at Kingfisher Bay by boat to meet Fraser Island locals.
A source told The Weekly that the Duchess had taken a good rest and would be continuing to Fiji and Tonga for the rest of the tour as planned. Certainly the Duchess looked refreshed and happy as she enjoyed Queensland's sunshine in a relaxed Reformation white and black maxi dress and flat Grecian sandals.
The Duchess was reunited with her husband after some much-needed rest.
Meghan took a moment to cradle her growing baby bump.
Children lined both sides of the jetty and families gathered for a glimpse from the beach below, handing teddy bears and posters to the royal couple.
Prince Harry also met Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk who gave the couple a hand-made teddy bear from Tambo, in the heart of Queensland's sheep country, for their first baby expected in the northern spring.
The Duchess spoke to Fraser Island locals.
The Duke and Duchess were gifted with teddy bears. (All images: Media Mode)
Earlier in the day, the Duke of Sussex travelled to the heart of the rainforest on World Heritage Fraser Island to unveil the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy plaque.
Fraser Island rainforest is home to the Island's satinay trees which, known for their hardiness in water, were used to build the London docks in the 1930s.
"It's been absolutely brilliant to have Prince Harry here and means so much to everyone," an excited Premier Palaszczuk, who was wearing a white embroidered wrap dress made by local designer Daniel Moore told The Weekly.
"When it was mooted to have a nomination for the Queen's Canopy in Queensland I said 'Yes leave it with us'. This is such a beautiful place and the Prince's words were lovely. It is a shame that the Duchess couldn't make it but I think everyone understands that she has a very hectic schedule."
Duchess Meghan was originally meant to join her husband, but the pregnant royal pulled out of the ceremony that could only be reached by a long jolting four-wheel drive journey along rough sand roads, taking the time to relax at one of the island's resorts.
"After a busy program, The Duke and Duchess have decided to cut back The Duchess's schedule slightly for the next couple of days, ahead of the final week and a half of the tour," a palace spokesperson stated on Sunday.
WATCH: Prince Harry splashes about in the water of Lake Mackenzie. Post continues...
Prince Harry second engagement of the day on Fraser Island was to see the crystal clear fresh waters of the island's sacred Lake McKenzie.
There he took off his shoes and was cleansed by Aunty Nai Nai Bird before walking barefoot in the shallows.
He spent quite some time talking to Aunty Nai Nai and Butchulla songman Aaron Henderson, who showed him around the white beach of the ancestral meeting place.
"It's going to be a day he will never forget," Aunty Nai Nai said.
"I think he was blown away ... the size of the timbers we took him to, the beauty of the lakes, you know, talking with our songman, our rangers, and hearing it from both points of view on things he had not thought about."

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