British Royal Family

Meet Australia’s real-life Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

She really is Meghan, and he really is Harry!

As Megan Kappelhoff and Harry Sanders stare into each other's eyes, they look just as hopelessly in love as their royal namesakes.
And the loved-up pair – from Windsor, Victoria, no less – tells Woman's Day their friends and family haven't stopped ribbing them about their royal likeness.
"Even I couldn't help but giggle about it," says Harry, 20.
"They all like to poke fun at us about it. Mum is even trying to book us into this hotel in London where if your name is Meghan or Harry, you get to stay for free!"
However, the similarity is no laughing matter for Megan, who has idolised the soon-to-be duchess since she first saw her on Suits many years ago.
"I am such a big fan of her, so when I found out she was dating Prince Harry it was the greatest thing ever," says the 22-year-old. "I'm a fan of everything royal, so it makes sharing the same names even more special."
One loved-up couple are getting plenty of flak about their royal names... Harry & Meghan!
The happy couple has been inseparable since they met on a dating app in January. And, as the excitement surrounding the royal nuptials intensifies, Megan says she can't help but think about marrying her own prince.
"I have always wanted an over-the-top wedding," the business director says.
"I would love to get married at the Disneyland castle. I want there to be fireworks, and I want to be wearing a beautiful dress."
For now, Megan says she will settle for a romantic night in with her bloke, watching their namesakes walk down the aisle.
And Harry?
"You bet I'll be watching it, too!" the marketing director adds.
"After all, we're basically starring in it."

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