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Have MAFS couple Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr broken up?

They were once joined at the hip but the season two Married At First Sight poster couple haven't been seen together in months, fuelling speculation they may have split.

By Bella Brennan
Married At First Sight stars Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr's reality TV romance appears to have come to an end.
While the Melbourne beauty blogger refused to confirm or deny if they were still together when we reached out, tellingly she no longer follows her experimental husband on Instagram.
A source close to the couple reveal the pair, who first met as strangers on their pseudo wedding day last year, have struggled to keep their love alive. "It’s very hard having a relationship in the public eye," an insider explained.
Neither search for Bryce or his Instagram handle breezaaaaaaaay came up in Erin's following list.
During the early days of their romance, both Erin and Bryce's Instagram pages were filled with loved-up shots from their various date nights.
In May, they looked happier than ever when they stepped out in Melbourne for a PDA-packed stroll. At one point, Bryce even placed his hand tenderly on Erin's belly.
However, the last time Erin posted a photo with her boyfriend was in November while she hasn't appeared on his page since September.
Online, Erin's followers have been quick to notice the absence of any mention of Byrce. Interestingly, in the comments section of her Instagram page, Erin refuses to answer her fans' queries on the status of her relationship.
"You're answering all other questions except if you and Bryce are still together so does that mean you're not?? :(," one user noted.
"There [sic] not together anymore," another added.
Bryce has yet to comment on the split speculation and still follows Erin on Instagram.
This is the last photo Erin shared of Bryce on her Instagram page, taken back in November...
While Bryce's latest happy snap with his television wife is from September last year.
Last year, the nation watched as Erin and Bryce managed to overcome their differences about starting a family and stay together after the cameras stopped rolling on MAFS.
"I would love to continue this relationship with you," Erin confessed during the show's finale.
And the feeling was mutual from Bryce, who was keen to have kids sooner rather than later but was willing to work around Erin's priorities.
"At the end of the day that stuff [kids] will come when it comes, when you moved out the other day and I was so sad. That's when I knew I wanted to continue. There was just a big hole in that apartment. I want you there all the time," he said on the verge of tears.
"My Tinder days are so done," Erin said at the time. "[I'm] Definitely on the love train heading to love station," she added.
Meanwhile, the only other remaining couple from the Australian version of MAFS that remains together are season one stars Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner.
The cute couple have defied the odds and remained together and in January, they proudly introduced their newborn daughter, Harper-Rose, to the world.
Season four of Married At First Sight returns to Channel Nine on January 30!
Erin and Byrce in happier times.

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