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Valentine’s Day – the new ‘break-up season’?

Valentine’s Day — the new ‘break-up season’?

A new relationships survey has revealed statistics on Australians’ thoughts on Valentine’s Day. The survey has found that for some, Valentine’s Day is more likely to be seen as a cynical marketing exercise than a day of romance and for many of Australia’s 2 million singles it can be a day they dread. Many couples […]
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Kerri-Anne Kennerley

KAK’s marriage secrets — ‘Why we’re still going strong’

After first setting eyes on her hubby 25 years ago, Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s relationship is stronger than ever. Almost 25 years have passed since high-flying businessman, world-class power-boat racer and separated dad of two John Kennerley first eyed his bride-to-be Kerri-Anne in New York. Now, unlike many showbusiness marriages, the couple reveal they are more in […]
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