The Voice

EXCLUSIVE: Is this the end of The Voice, for good?! The show faces swirling axing rumours

An intense fan backlash and a poor track record from its winners put a dark cloud over the show’s future

By Woman's Day team
Season nine of 
The Voice has proven to be the most controversial ever!
With cheating scandals, feuding coaches, disgruntled contestants and a pandemic threatening to undermine 
the show, Woman's Day 
now hears whispers it could be dramatically overhauled 
– or even be put to rest 
for good.
"It is very costly to produce, and a lot goes into bringing 
it to life," one TV insider explains.
"There's a lot riding on it to be successful and to rate. Things need to change 
if they want to keep people tuning in."

Contestants hit back

With the ratings slipping below Ten's MasterChef 
this year, the show has 
come under fire for its "manufactured drama".
Last week, 2017 winner Judah Kelly issued a dire warning to this year's contestants.
"People aren't really fans of you – they're fans of the show," he said."They might stick around on social media [after the show] and give you a 'like', but when it comes to paying for tickets and buying albums, the numbers don't translate," the 23-year-old said of the competition's failure to produce a post-show success.
The show has come under fire by fans, contestants and critics! Image: Channel Nine
Another former contestant, who asked to remain anonymous, agrees.
it's all about the coaches! 
You realise that the minute you arrive on set.
"It's not a show that's going to launch your career – fans should know that... it's a show made for ratings."

Fans are fed up

Viewers are also fed up, with many flocking to social media to criticise the show's decision to prioritise onscreen drama.
"It's all about Kelly [Rowland] and the drama," sneered one fan.
"They're turning The Voice into a soapie," wrote another.
This year, many of the episodes and promos have revolved around the feud between Kelly, 39, and fellow coach Guy Sebastian.
Kelly Rowland has been causing quite a stir with viewers. Image: Channel Nine
There was "buzzer-gate" which 
saw Guy, 38, turn his chair, despite already having a full team.
Then the pair had 
a stoush over contestants Johnny Manuel and Mongolian throat singer Bukhu Ganburged, which resulted in Kelly storming off.

Critics close in

Now, even music experts are weighing in on the show's insistence on drama.
"It's almost like it focuses on making the best TV show each year… and they figure there'll be more singers next year," music writer Cameron Adams criticised.
Could this be the end of The Voice? Image: Channel Nine
"Whereas The X Factor, in particular had Simon Cowell, who came from a record industry background and really wanted to see people from the show in the charts, not just on TV."
With the show's finale just a week away, there's never been more pressure on the coaches 
to produce a 
knockout star.
WATCH BELOW: Kelly Rowland loses it at Boy George and Guy Sebastian.

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