The Masked Singer Australia: Celebrities behind the mask revealed!

Did you figure it out?

By Anita Lyons
The hotly anticipated The Masked Singer Australia is finally here and not a moment to soon.
Since the very first clue dropped, we've been desperately trying to figure out which celebs are under the elaborate costumes - especially since the producers of the show have kept their identities expertly under wraps.
In an interview with TV WEEK, judge Dave Hughes revealed that the guessing panel were completely in the dark.
"They went to great lengths to separate everyone from the singers. I've said, 'I want to stay at this hotel in Sydney,' and they're like, 'You can't because some of the singers are at that hotel'," he revealed.
Not only were they not allowed to be seen, but according to the TV funny guy, there were even decoys set up!
"People are walking around with bags over their heads, and then I found out there were body doubles walking around, so you couldn't even read a body shape if someone had a bag over their head," he explained.
"We found out later that [one person] with a bag over their head was someone who wasn't even on the show, so we've got people walking around with bags on their head all around – it was quite bizarre!"
The Lion in action! (Source: Network Ten
With every clue dropped before, after and during the show, you'll be hard-pressed not to become addicted.
But while we love a guessing game, we LOVE finding out who the celebrities are even more.
So, as they are unveiled, behold, a list of all the celebrities in The Masked Singer Australia!