The Block

The Block's Sara and Bianca have a fiery showdown as auction day looms

'I'm half her size, but she needs to be put in her place'

By Zara Zubeidi
For poor Hayden and Sara, it's been one thing after another.
Just when they thought their hard work on The Block was coming to an end, they're tasked with perhaps their toughest assignment yet: the challenge apartment on level one of The Gatwick.
And the stress of the final few weeks is clearly taking its toll on mum-of-one Sara, who aims an expletive-filled tirade at fellow Blockhead Bianca.
"She was just being a smart-arse," a furious Sara tells the camera.
"And smart-arses need to be put in their place – even if I am half her size."
Sara erupts when she catches the former netballer badmouthing her husband Hayden for allegedly not helping the group transport materials and clean up.
"Are you f---ing serious?!" Sara says as she confronts Bianca.
"Stop taking the p-ss out of him. It's f---ing embarrassing."
Sara was at breaking point in the car with Carla.
To make matters worse, the penthouse allianceJess, Norm, Carla and Bianca – is stronger than ever. The foursome have agreed to try to get rooms next to each other and help each other out.
Sara later admits she and Hayden felt "segregated", telling TV WEEK, "It was like we were back in a schoolyard.
Adds Hayden, 45, "Everyone expected us to help them out, but wouldn't help us in return."
The newlyweds have had their share of ups and downs.
In week three, they threatened to quit after they were criticised for the standard of their master ensuite.
Later, Sara broke down again after what she described as her "lowest point" – a minor car accident.
This week, the thought of completing yet another apartment is too much.
"I just thought, 'We're screwed,'" Sara says.
Jess took Hayden to task.
The couple's morale is already low after terrace week, when Bianca and Carla beat them by half a point.
"It was such a downer," Sara explains. "It seemed like the judges wanted the penthouse apartments to win."
Meanwhile, Sara nominates Hayden to be the challenge apartment treasurer – which puts her hubby squarely in the firing line. Hayden says radio presenter Jess, in particular, was being "pushy" when it came to his role in allocating the budget.
And Sara alleges Jess was out to show that Hayden wasn't up to the task, "She wanted to prove he was incompetent, for some reason," she says.
"But it seemed like she was putting it on. I saw her motion to the cameras to come over when she could clearly see Hayden was in a meeting and busy. It just makes her look bad."
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