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EXCLUSIVE: The Block's Kristy and Jesse reveal why their "monster house" is a bigger job than they ever imagined

Were they in over their heads?

By TV Week team
From the moment they arrived on The Block, Kirsty and Jesse knew which house they wanted.
The only two storey-home, and with a yard twice the size of some others, they saw the potential of house four… and hoped that would outweigh its problems.
"We could see straight away that this house could be incredible," Kirsty, 33, tells TV WEEK.
"We're starting to wonder if we bit off too much." Channel Nine
"So even though it would be a lot more work, we picked it when we won the house decider challenge. We're starting to wonder if we bit off too much."
It all comes to a head this week when show host Scott Cam challenges the contestants to complete their living and dining room areas.
However, Kirsty and Jesse have extra spaces still to complete – in addition to the two designated rooms, they have a bedroom, two bathrooms, a study, rumpus room and laundry.
"That's eight spaces," Jesse, 32, says. "So, right about now we're starting to think, 'Did we make the right choice?'"
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With the same budget as every other house, but more rooms to finish, it's time for the pair to get creative with how they style the home – and work harder than they ever have in their lives.
"We don't mind hard work," Kirsty says. "But this is like nothing we'd ever done."Every morning, Jesse gets up before anyone else arrives to finish demolition and clean out the areas where work will take place.
"During the day, I'll be working as a labourer, constantly doing bin runs, cutting timber, fetching them [the tradesmen] whatever they need," he says. "And then at night, we have to be painting, insulating, whatever. It's absolutely exhausting, but it's the only way we'll get through."
Both say they knew their monster house would be a challenge, but this is far more than they ever imagined.
"So, right about now we're starting to think, 'Did we make the right choice?'" Channel Nine
"I'm eating all day – including a litre of ice-cream every night – but I'm down six kilos by the time this week is done. It's just so intense."
The only thing keeping them going, Kirsty says, is the dream they had when they first saw their house.
"We've got to keep thinking about that end goal and how amazing the house can be – if we can finish it!"

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